Top Destinations To Visit In Tien Giang


If you are looking for most popular also attractive vacation spot in Tien Giang. You should not ignore this article. Although it is just a small province in the South, Tien Giang is rich in natural beauty and imprinted with the cultural history of the Southern people.

  1. Tan Thanh Beach

It is the first top destination to visit in Tien Giang. Called the beach, but not for bathing, called sand. But not for the typical yellow sand color. Tan Thanh Beach contains strange features worthy of one of the famous Tien Giang tourist sites.

Tan Thanh beach is a rare black sand beach of Vietnam. Arriving here, you will enjoy the smoothness of the black sand flowing under your feet, zooming away from the sea with the immense sea.

Outside tourists walking to the sea, taking photos with a 300m long bridge that stretches to the sea is extremely impressive. Also you will have the opportunity to explore the life of the people in the sea, groping underneath clams and enjoy many delicious specialties. Such as: Steamed lemongrass, grilled shrimp, steamed crabs,… extremely attractive!

  1. Vinh Trang Pagoda

Vinh Trang pagoda is the biggest pagoda in Tieng Giang and a top destination to visit in Tien Giang with area of 2000m2 with many beautiful trees. However, formerly it was a small leaf hermitage set up in the early 19th century by District Chief Bui Cong Dat. In 1849, the Most Venerable Abbot Thich Hue Dang put it up a big pagoda and named it Vinh Trang Pagoda. After many times of changing who in charge of the pagoda and reconstructing, now the pagoda has many netlike panels, horizontal boards and oblong boards of the parallel sentences.

The beautiful structure of pagoda features a mixture of Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian architectural styles. Specially, the extremely beautiful structures in the pagoda are two triumphal arches bearing an art of inserting bottle and porcelain fragments which create harmonious pictures illustrating the Buddha’s legendaries. The pagoda has three entrances and the central gate is always close while the two sides are open. These side gates are adorned with colorful porcelain mosaics featuring Buddhist folktales and natural scenery. Besides, the façade of Vinh Trang pagoda is decorated with both Asian and European architecture including elements from Renaissance period, French decorative flowers together with Japanese enameled tile. If you look from far distance, the pagoda resembles the five-tower of Angkor temple. The pagoda is surrounded by gardens of ornamental trees, ancient trees and bonsai, creating a peaceful atmosphere. It provided shelter for Vietnamese patriots and is recognized as a national historical and cultural relic by the government.

In the present time, the monks besides maintaining the pagoda they also provide a home for children with disabilities, orphans and other kids in need which follow exactly the spirit of Buddism – humankind love.

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Vinh Trang Pagoda – My Tho

  1. Cai Be floating market

Tien Giang province wins an award as not only the rice bowl of the Mekong Delta, but also the biggest fruit producing area throughout Vietnam. About 70km away from Saigon, the province is situated in the North of the Tien River. If you are planning to enjoy a short trip in the Delta, make sure that you add Cai Be Floating Market into your bucket list. It is one of top destinations to visit in Tien Giang. The floating market lies in the area where the Tien River shares the border between 3 provinces of Tien Giang, Vinh Long as well as Ben Tre. Mingling with the bustling vibe and chaotic atmosphere of the market, your mind seems to soak up the rhythm of brandishing water flow, while your soul seems to be daydream by the vastness of the Mekong River.

Together with Cai Rang, Phung Hiep, Phong Dien Floating Markets, Cai Be Floating Market stands out as one of the noticeable and influential markets in Mekong Delta. Although its origin is still unknown, many people still consider that the market was formed by those from the central of the country in 17th to 18th centuries, during time of the formation of the delta. They were known as the first founders who cultivated and settled down the delta for a long time. As per what Gia Dinh Thanh Thong Chi recorded, in 1732, Nguyen Lord declared to start constructing Long Ho Town at Cai Be Town.

Every day, lots of boats and rafts in the delta gather here to trade and do business. Although the market is often open all day, the liveliest time is at sunrise. Some sellers visit the market to purchase products from the merchant. Then, these will be brought back the markets on land for sale.

  1. Thoi Son Island

Thoi Son island is also known as Con Lan (in the four sacred elements: Long – Lan – Quy – Phung). It is a very interesting top destination to visit in Tien Giang. It’s located in the lower part of Tien River, in Thoi Son commune, My Tho City, Tien Giang province. This is the Tien Giang tourist destination where weekend gardens attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

To reach Thoi Son Island, visitors can travel in two ways: waterway and road.

Thoi Son island is a large soil dune floating in the Tien River with an area of ​​more than 50 hectares. There are 6000 households living here. Where they work together to preserve the natural beauty of their homeland. Thoi Son island is appealing to tourists partly. Because of that characteristic. Thoi Son tourist area has been invested more in recent years, with a system of islet 1 to islet 5.

Thoi Son is a land that receives more privileges from nature than other islands. It has a large garden system and abundant of fruits. Visit Thoi Son tourists will be free to float on the cool blue water, watching the fruit garden with fruit on both sides of the road.

According to those who have experience in Thoi Son. The fruit tree on the island has fruit all year round. But the best one is in the summer. As a fruit supplier for many wholesale markets in Tien Giang province. All the fruits come from the island are rich in the first grade. Which is rambutan, longan,… every fruit is freshest.

  1. Dong Tam Snake Farm

Dong Tam Snake Farm is a familiar name that the locals usually call, its officially name is Cultivation Center & Medicine Process Research of Military Region 9, located in Binh Duc Hamlet, Tan Thuan commune, Chau Thanh district, Tien Giang.

Firstly, you will go to projection room to be introduced this special center. Dong Tam Snake Farm was founded in 1979 based on initiative of Tran Van Duoc Lieutenant Colonel. He has wide and deep knowledge about snakes, he wants to build a farm rearing varied species of snake for antiserum against venom and for venom exports.

In 30 ha area of ancient trees’ lush space is a unique and attractive ecological tourism zone. It seems that you will be lost in “scary but fascinating maze” when coming here. Feeling like only snakes are on the world.

Dong Tam Snake Farm is divided into three areas of reptiles. Following the tour guide, visitors supposedly step into the curious world about these scary, dangerous animals.

Firstly, you will see a snake breeding area in the style of island-lake with only one door, surrounded by high wall equaled to people’s chest in height. Inside it, the lake’s depth is about 30 – 40cm with full water. In the middle, there is a small island with bushy grass where is the shelter of toad, frog, bullfrog … They are food sources for snakes. The small island has several clumps of trees as high as wall of lake. On the leaves is alive with snakes crawling. At first glance, everyone feels scary and little bewildered because of just standing not far from that snakes. However, you don’t need worry since the experts calculated carefully to prevent snakes from flying out of trees, crossing the wall “.

With a long iron stick having a hook at one head, the guide hooks gently a snake and moves it toward visitors to explain its growth characteristics and compatible activities … It is so fascinating because you won’t have many opportunities to close to this dangerous reptile.

Going through turn by turn the lakes feeding snake, visitors gradually understand deeply the world of snake, they have many types as viper, grass-snake, coluber, subsessor bocourti snake, homalopis buccata snake … these are gentle and nonvenomous snakes.

Leaving this area is arriving poisonous snake farming zone such as Coelognathus radiate, Bungarus, Elapidae… Especially Ophiophagus hannah, an extremely venomous snake, is ranked at grade “E” level in Viet Nam Red Book. They are kept in separate cages. Feeding this ferocious kind of snake is very sophisticated and dangerous. Farmers must be very careful, deliberated when opening cage in order that the hungry snakes won’t rush out of cage and bite them. Taking care of snakes is like taking care of child, farmers must check regularly to detect promptly any sick one for treatment in time.

  1. Vinh Kim fruit garden

Fruit garden have become private brands of Mekong Delta like Tien Giang. Green space, airy… Also enjoy the fresh fruit at the garden, who refuses from an experience “beautiful, full stomach” like that?

Vinh Kim is the motherland of many fruits. It is one of top destinations to visit in Tien Giang. But the most favored is probably breast milk. Lo Ren Vinh Kim’s breast milk with the tight fruits, berry bark, sweet taste is the pride of Vinh Kim people in particular and Tien Giang in general.

  1. Man Dinh Hong flower garden

On a trip to My Tho – Tien Giang, if you want to find a new place with lots of fresh flowers, Man Dinh Hong flower garden in Chau Thanh district is an option for you.

The famous flower garden is located at Tran Thi Dieu Street, Phuoc Thuan Hamlet, Phuoc Thinh Commune, Tien Giang Province. With a large area of ​​up to 1.1 ha, the garden has a system of large flower beds, looking like a giant flower sea  from above. Those who once came there would not forget the impression of a vast paradise of sweetness, fragrance and the beauty of countless seasonal flowers, such as sunflower, mustard flowers, cosmos.

The large space of the flower garden is a perfect place for couples who want to find a wedding location where is close to nature. Therefore, more and more young people want to come there to visit and record beautiful moments of their youth. The garden owner also has a free fitting room and rental outfits for you to delight in “transforming” with many types of photos. With no more hesitance, immediately add Man Dinh Hong to the list of places to check-in in Tien Giang right away!

  1. Linh Thuu Pagoda

Linh Thứu Pagoda has the full name of Sac Tu Linh Thuu, commonly known as Sac Tu Pagoda, known as an ancient temple.

Buddha’s power is solemnly decorated. The pagoda also preserves many ancient statues, great pinks (in 1745), elaborately carved sculptures and many sentences with meaning of Dharma. Every week the temple attracts not only Buddhists to visit. But also many visitors come to visit and enjoy its unique architecture.

  1. Truc Lam Chanh Giac Monastery

The monastery closely resembles Truc Lam monastery in Da Lat. But it is much larger. Because in the low-lying area of ​​Dong Thap Muoi. So it is necessary to do a 3.7m high dike system to prevent flood surges.

The monastery has a total area of ​​50 hectares including the original 30 hectares. Especially it’s donated by 20 people to the architecture of 4 relics of Buddhism according to the traditional model of Truc Lam Yen Tu monasteries.

  1. Cai Be garden

It’s not only one of the largest fruit stalls in the country. But also considered one of the top destinations to visit in Tien Giang. Visiting Cai Be garden is an opportunity to stop to visit fresh fruit trees.

Cai Be garden is surrounded by rivers, lush green canals rich in silt. It’s always green and fertile so many green and fruit trees. (The area of ​​gardens and gardens accounts for one third of the fruit trees area of ​​Tien Giang).

According to statistics, the whole area of ​​Cai Be garden now has about 15,000 ha of fruit trees. Book a Mekong Delta tour to Cai Be garden in Cai Be, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy at the garden many fruits bearing the imprint of Cai Be. Such as durian Sanh orange, honey orange, Nam Roi pomelo at the garden, sandy mango Hoa Loc, fragrant mango… Tourists should not be surprised to enjoy a variety of mango with pomelos with grapefruit or durian. Because these varieties have been grafted and bred together.

Located in the top of a rich variety of fruit gardens, walking to Cai Be garden. You always enjoy the taste of many different fruits from sweet jack fruit to passionate guava, ripe tangerine flavor. faintly passionate or the sweetness of jackfruit… The whole garden is immersed of colorful fruits.

The hundreds of years old ancient ornamental plants, orchid rigs with many varieties of varieties and colors are very beautiful, the dining area for visitors, family guests, fishing lakes, hammocks for visitors to rest… All are harmoniously arranged by their owners. Almost of them used wood, rattan, bamboo and leaves… to create a picture bearing the characteristics of the countryside garden.

Not only have the opportunity to stay and visit, enjoy the lush fruit gardens. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air atmosphere under the sky of the fruit trees, lying swinging follow the hammocks or simple sitting under an original label, fishing with fishponds next to each other… Immerse yourself in the daily life of ordinary villagers, contemplating Cai Be garden is an opportunity to travel Guests relive a simple, rustic life, erasing the anxious worries of a busy life.

In addition to enjoying elegant fruits and pleasures, about Cai Be garden. Visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy very Southern dishes here such as boneless fish, fried fish ears… Bring different unforgettable taste.

When visiting the Cai Be garden houses, being immersed in the lifestyle of the people here. You will be relaxed, mingled with nature to feel the personality and psychology of Southern people. There will be unforgettable emotions and impressions once when you are here.

(Author: Huyen Nguyen)

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