Must-Visit Places In Binh Duong


  1. Phu An Bamboo Village

Phu An bamboo village is the first must-visit place in Binh Duong. Located 35 kilometers north of HCMC and gently lying in Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province, Phu An Ecological Bamboo Museum and Botanical Reserve, also known as the Phu An Bamboo Village, is one of the biggest bamboo museums in Southeast Asia.

It is a multipurpose center promoting scientific research and ecosystem conservation while educating the local community about environmental protection and the value of ecotourism.

Founded since 1999 based on the idea of Dr. Diep Thi My Hanh, professor of HCMC University of Science, in collaboration with Rhone Alpes in France, People’s Committee in Binh Duong Province, Au Jardin du Pilat in France and HCMC University of Science, in addition to providing a research center and laboratory for students and academics, the reserve is also an ecotourism site.

The vast ecological reserve with its 130 bamboo species, including many rare varieties collected from every corner of the nation, is open for tourists to wander the day away.

Phu An Bamboo Village’s botanical garden is known for its gorgeous landscape, which is brought to life with lush bamboo clusters and brilliantly colored flowers. Coming to the area, tourists seem to get lost in the maze of bamboo lines and products.

  1. Hoi Khanh Pagoda

Hoi Khanh pagoda is the second must-visit place in Binh Duong. The pagoda was constructed in 1741 of the 18th century at a foot of a hill 500 meters from Thu Dau Mot City to the East; however, it was burnt down by the French colony in 1861. By 1868, the pagoda was built on the current location of 1,211 m2. By 2007, the 27-m 7-storey tower was built to reconstruct the Buddhism event of “Tu dong tam” (the four caves of the heart) including Lam Ti Ni Garden (the garden where the Buddha was born), Bo De Dai Trang (the place where the Buddha implements Buddhism), LocUyen Garden (the place where the first Buddhism theory is born), Ta La Song Tho (the place where the Buddha enters nirvana), representing the deepest Buddhism.

In 2008, the large-scale Buddhatower and statue of 22 meters highwas constructed in the land area in front of the pagoda. The ground floor is a range of housing of 64x23m used for schools and librabry. On the top floor is the Buddha in Nirvana Statue lying on 52 meters long and rising 12 meters high. This is the artistic construction of pride and honor of Buddhism in Binh Duong, inaugurated solemnly on March 30, 2010 (the lunar February 15th, 2010) celebrating 1,000 years of Thang Long – Ha Noi.

Although the pagoda has undergone re-construction and innovation, it is one of the unique pagodas to retain the preliminary architecture. The prominent feature of this old pagoda is the value of history, culture, art, architecture, and remains of hundreds of years retained to today. Hoi Khanh Pagoda is considered as the model pagoda of old time in Binh Duong Province.

The pagoda includes four major parts. The frontier hall is the major hall of preaching, constructed by 92 pillars of precious woods. The East and West corridors are arranged in connected parallel architecture patterns that are overlapped just the same as traditional old pagodas of the South. The main hall constructed by beams and pillars, wooden walls, and door curtain includes nearly 100 wooden statues of Arhants and the ten saints sculptured by jackfruit wood and galvanized. The sculpture picture of 18 Arhantsand Bodhisattva, creating artistic works created by excellent sculpture craftmen of the late 19th century including Truong Van Cang, Nguyen Van Ba, Nguyen Van Xu, Sau Nhong, Chinh Tri, etc.

For interior decoration, the statue picture for worshiping is sculptured with sophisticated features including the divider sculptured with 18 Arhans in 1921 and the sculptured pannels telling “four eras” of Buddhism fixed to the two pillars of the main hall. Sophisticate altars were finished in 1925. A wooden imprinting set used for printing Buddhism documents of over 120 years old has been maintained at the pagoda. The giant bell of the pagoda was cast in 1883 and donated by Duong Van Lua as early and strong foundation of Buddhism in the locality.

  1. Phu Cuong Cathedral

Although it was inaugurated in 2014, replacing a 70-year-old old church and built more than 150 years ago, Phu Cuong Church is a unique and impressive Gothic style construction. It is a very interesting must-visit place in Binh Duong.

Located in a prime location in the city of Thu Dau Mot, this project attracts all eyes. The glass, lines and stylized motifs here are not only flexible but extremely delicate.

The dome and the pointed spire are also in harmonious combination, full of evocative features of a mosque.The highlight of the Phu Cuong church is the inner sanctuary with a dome of 41m high and sparkling glass of color. The exterior is also a fancy design with two curved arcades, embracing the whole building. Therefore, this place is the most popular wedding photography in Binh Duong province.

When the morning light comes, Phu Cuong church is shimmering to the surprise with the glittering sunshine ray. The whole building is brightly lit in the middle of Thu Dau Mot town. When the sunset dyes the sky pink, Phu Cuong church looks charming and fascinating, waking up the curiosity and the desire  to explore. In that way, Phu Cuong church is not only a place of worshipping, Catholics come here to pray, and tourists come and see one of the architectural marvels which leaves deep impression in the heart of visitors.

After exploring the unique Gothic architecture, many visitors often roam lively, taking pictures in the large yard of the church and breathe fresh air. And listen to the bell and the whispered prayer of yourself. It seems that this place is a place of peace and serenity. If you want to escape the sadness, leaving behind the unhappiness and refresh the soul, Phu Cuong Church is the ideal destination.

  1. Tay Tang Pagoda

30 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Tay Tang pagoda has a unique architectural style of the Tibet and is different from other pagodas in Vietnam. Tay Tang Pagoda has the statue Budhidharma made of hair which is the biggest in Vietnam and unique in the world. It is one of interesting must-visit place in Binh Duong.

The Pagoda is located at 46B Thich Quang Duc Street, Chanh Nghia, Thu Dau Mot City.

  1. New City Park

Covering 70 hectares, New City Park is an ideal holiday retreat for visitors with beautiful landscapes, romantic lakes and springs, and entertainment area for kids.

  1. Dai Nam tourism

Dai Nam tourism complex in southern Binh Duong province is seen as an ideal tourist destination, thanks to its amazing architecture and good entertainment services. Da Nam tourism is a famous must-visit place in Binh Duong.

Đại Nam Sea is 21.6 hectare, with a total water surface area of 20,000 sq.m and coast of 1.4 km long. The artificial sea has beaches, with artificial waves up to 1.6m high, it is the largest wave pool in Viet Nam and was designed and manufactured by the famous Scottish Company – Murphys Waves Ltd.

The construction of the largest tourism site started in about 1999, some 40 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City. The Paradise now includes the Đại Nam Văn Hiến Temple, an entertainment site, zoo, shopping area, hotels, and cuisine sites. The park is home to rhinos, white lions, tigers, elephants, bears, ostriches, chamois, zebras, gnus, squirrel-monkeys, and foxes, many of which are not typically found in Viet Nam.

  1. Wind and Water Cafe

Wind and Water Cafe is located at 6/28T Zone 3, PhuTho, Thu Dau Mot City. It has won many international design awards including International Architecture Award (IAA) in 2008. The Wind and Water Cafe is designed and built by architect Vo Trong Nghia, the main material is from nulgar bamboo, a common plant in Binh Duong.

  1. Thuy Chau tourist site

Thuy Chau is an artificial ecotourism with total area of over 18 hectare. This tourist site has full of trees, rivers, waterfall, you will fall in line with nature as well as feel comfortable, relaxing after hard working days.

Thuy Chau Tourist Site, Binh Duong: Ideal Picnic Site Near Saigon, Vietnam

  1. Phu Long Temple

Phu Long Temple is the earliest temple  built in Binh Duong. It was recognized the Historical and Architectural Monument at National levels on December 28th, 2001.

(Author: Huyen Nguyen)

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